Mobiel Zonder Auto
30.11.2017 → 19:00
locatie: Abdijkerk STAM
spreker(s): Mieke Nolf, Dirk Lauwers, Tim Scheirs, kabinetsmedewerkers van Filip Watteeuw, Sven Taeldeman

Tags: mobility—mobiliteit

A cycling nation

“The Cycle Superhighways could potentially increase the number of bike commuters in the Capital Region of Denmark by more than 30 % compared to today making the project a key cooperation in the development of green growth and sustainable mobility. For the individual cycling is healthy, flexible, and fast. For society a large number of cyclists primarily mean more efficient traffic movement, reduced congestion and pollution, as well as societal health benefits as a result of increased exercise. Denmark is a cycling nation and today 33 % of all commuting in the Capital Region of Denmark is by bike. So how can we persuade even more commuters to choose the bike?”

A unique partnership

“Cars and public transportation already make up a network, which transcends and connects municipalities in the region and the country. If the bike is to succeed as a competitive alternative means of transportation there has to be a network of bicycle routes transcending and connecting municipalities.”

De lezing wordt gevolgd door een publiek debat. Het panel zal bestaan uit Mieke Nolf (Velodroom), Dirk Lauwers (AMRP, UGent), Tim Scheirs (Veneco), kabinetsmedewerkers van Filip Watteeuw (schepen van Mobiliteit Stad Gent) en Sven Taeldeman (schepen van Stadsontwikkeling, Wonen en Ruimtelijke Planning Stad Gent). Iedereen is welkom vanaf 19u00. De lezing start om 19u30.

Deze lezing kadert in de sessie ‘Mobiel Zonder Auto’.